OMZ Group is implementing a program of activities aimed at improving business processes and increasing competitiveness. An important part of the program is the implementation of OMZ Group Production System (OMZ PS).

The need for a comprehensive approach to building  OMZ PS was framed at OMZ Group conference held in August 2014:

  • Basic lean manufacturing tools were decided to be implemented in 15 companies of OMZ Group in 2015-2016: 5S - enhancement of production culture and Total Operational Performance (TOP);
  • An organizational structure was set up for OMZ PS implementation, including the establishment of project offices in 15 companies of OMZ Group.

All major companies of OMZ Group take part in the implementation of OMZ PS, which requires consistent approach to organization and coordination of work.

The basic principles of OMZ PS implementation were established as follows:

  • OMZ PS implementation is organized as an integrated project including a set of projects of the companies,  which makes the process transparent and keeps it under control;
  • Project-based approach is supported by software and automation tools;
  • Continuing training system has been established for employees of participant companies.

Today OMZ PS implementation project portfolio consists of over 90 projects on implementation of such tools as 5S, TOP, TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), Value Stream Mapping, with updating of information and keeping the work progress transparent.

In the process of OMZ PS implementation an adaptive and evolutionary information system is created, which includes:

  • PS Website for collaborative work of the employees;
  • Project Management Information System of OMZ PS implementation;
  • Activities Management System for planning and monitoring of OMZ Group companies activities;
  • Interactive reporting system for managerial personnel and specialists;
  • Ideas Book: database of activities for recovering losses and gaining efficiency.

The implementation of the integrated OMZ PS project resulted in the establishment of knowledge base and technology platform, as well as training of staff for wider application of already in use and to be implemented lean manufacturing tools, such as 6 Sigma.

In the course of project realization a wide range of innovation leaders of OMZ Group companies gained strong practical skills and knowledge of project activities, lean manufacturing and information systems, which also lays a good ground for future work.

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