United Heavy Machinery Plants is one of the world's leading manufacturers (along with JAPAN STEEL WORKS, CHINA FIRST HEAVY INDUSTRIES and CHINA ERZHONG) of large and extra-large items made from special steels that are used for traditional power and nuclear power, metallurgical and petrochemical machine-building, as well as special-purpose items.

The important competitive advantages of United Heavy Machinery Plants include its own metallurgical complex, its diversity of various-weight and various-dimensioned products made from a wide range of special steels, and the convenient geographic distribution of its production capacities.

This business line is represented by OMZ-SPECIAL STEELS, OMZ-FOUNDRY, and URAL METALLURGICAL PLANT.


OMZ-Special Steels is the largest Russian manufacturer of semifinished metallurgical products made from special steel used for nuclear power, petrochemical machine-building, and other branches of industry.

The backbone of OMZ-Special Steels' production capacities is its unique, superpowerful latest-generation steelmaking complex DSP-120 with a capacity of more than 250 thousand tons per year.

The high quality of its steel is guaranteed by the employment of secondary refinement in purification and vacuum units, as well as by the use of electroslag- and vacuum-arc remelting.

Pieces are forged on four hydraulic presses, including on one of Europe's largest automated forging plants with a force of 12,000 tf.

Metallurgical pieces are manufactured in accordance with GOST standards, OST standards, technical specifications, the standards of JIS, ASTM, NFA, BS, and DIN, and other specifications and technical requirements of the customer. Its quality management system meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

OMZ-Special Steels possesses certificates to manufacture products for the following classification societies: Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (UK), Bureau Veritas (France), Det Norske Veritas (Norway), American Bureau of Shipping (USA), Germanischer Lloyd (Germany), Registro Italiano Navale (Italy), the Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping, and the Russian Riverine Registry.


OMZ Foundry is the leading Russian manufacturer of castings for the ship-building, general machine-building, power plant engineering, mining, metallurgical, petrochemical, and other branches of industry.

The company performs the complete steel casting cycle, from engineering to finish-machining, and includes mold-making, steel-melting, and shape-casting, a thermal treatment and finishing shop, as well as a machining section.

The company's electric steel-melting shop is equipped with one 25-ton capacity electric arc furnace and two 12-ton capacity electric arc furnaces. In cooperation with OMZ-Spetsstal, melted steel that has underwent secondary treatment is used to produce unique, large-sized castings with masses of up to 170 tons. The molding and frame sections are equipped with state-of-the-art mixers from Omega Foundry Machinery, Wöhl, and FTL that all operate based on the Alphaset process. The mold-making section employs a 5-coordinate milling machine with a CNC CAD/CAM system.

The technical capabilities of OMZ-Foundry enable the production of castings weighing from 150 kg to 170 tons with maximum dimensions of 4,000 mm in height, 6,300 mm in width (diameter), and up to 12,000 mm in length, with a production volume of 25 thousand tons per year.

The company's quality management system is certified for ISO 9001:2008, and has also received certificates of conformity for the following classification societies: Lloyd’s Register (UK), Det Norske Veritas (Norway), IQNet (Spain), the Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping, and the Russian Riverine Registry.


Ural Metallurgical Plant was created as a result of restructuring of Uralhimmash based on its casting, press-forging, mold-making, and mechanical shops.

Today, Ural Metallurgical Plant possesses state-of-the-art technologies that provide for individually tailored and small-lot production of forgings and castings.

The plant's casting shop utilizes more than 60 grades of steel to produce such complex castings as vacuum filter drums, binding bands, rings, parts for thrust and journal stations for large-sized rotary furnaces, gear casings, blades, props, and many others weighing from 1 ton to 10 tons.

Ural Metallurgical Plant has the technical capabilities to manufacture group I-V forgings made from carbonaceous, alloyed and stainless steel grades with the following parameters:

  • Forgings: single-diameter and multi-diameter rolls, Dmax = 720 mm, L = 5,500 mm, weight – up to 6 t
  • Forgings: plates, Bmax = 1,000 mm, Hmin = 120 mm, L = 5,500 mm, weight – up to 5.5 t
  • Forgings: discs, pierced discs, Dmax = 1,500 mm, Hmin = 140 mm, weight – up to 5 t
  • Forgings: rolled rings, Dmax = 2,200 mm, Hmin = 150 mm, weight – up to 5 t

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