United Heavy Machinery Plants holds leading positions among Russian heavy machine-building companies engaged in the production of unique reactor equipment for hydrocracking units, hydrotreating units, catalytic cracking units, and others.

Its modern production facilities, tried and true technologies, long-standing engineering experience, personnel competencies and references accumulated during its production of nuclear equipment all define the unique capabilities of United Heavy Machinery Plants for the design and manufacture of a wide range of pressure vessels with various purposes and various dimensions used for the petrochemical industry.



Izhorskiye Zavody is Russia's largest machine-building company for producing unique vessel equipment: reactors for secondary oil refinement processes, separators, hydrothermal synthesis vessels, vessels for storing liquid hydrocarbons and gases, gas holders, etc.

Its wide range of petrochemical pressure vessels of various purposes and various weights and sizes were designed and manufactured based on Izhorskiye Zavody's wealth of experience and proven technologies for the production of nuclear power vessels and pipelines operating under high pressures, temperatures, and cyclic mechanical and thermal loads, as well as in aggressive environments.

The plant has the technical capabilities to manufacture equipment with the following parameters:

  • External diameter, mm: from 500 to 9,000
  • Length, mm: from 300 to 80,000
  • Wall thickness, mm: from 4 to 450
  • Weight, tons: from 0.05 to 2,000
  • Operating pressure, MPa: up to 250
  • Operating temperature, 0С: from -70 to +600

When manufacturing vessels, it employs carbon steel, silicomanganese, low-alloy chromium-molybdenum and chromium-molybdenum-vanadium, corrosion- resistant, high-allow steel grades. It also has experience manufacturing vessels from two-layer sheets. When manufacturing this kind of equipment, it employs various grades of high-quality steel as per Russian GOST standards as well as in accordance with the standards of АSTM, ASME, JIS, EN, NFA, BS, DIN, SEW, and others.

Izhorskiye Zavody's largest customers include Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, and TANEKO.


Uralhimmash is one of Russia's largest chemical machine-building plants. Its main products are large- and medium-tonnage equipment, including equipment that is the only of its kind in the oil and gas industry. Along with OMZ's Izhorskiye Zavody, Uralhimmash is a unique Russian producer of equipment with operating pressures from 30 MPa to 250 MPa.

Uralhimmash is the only facility in Russia or CIS countries that possesses the technology and equipment for manufacturing high-pressure vessels with scroll-constructed cylindrical walls and a unique technology for explosive welding of large-dimensioned sheets of various bimetals (up to 15 m2).

The plant has the technical capabilities to manufacture equipment with the following parameters:

  • External diameter, mm: from 300 to 5,000
  • Length, mm: from 300 to 75,000
  • Wall thickness, mm: from 4 to 300
  • Weight of package unit, tons: up to 500
  • Operating pressure, MPa: from vacuum to 250
  • Operating temperature, 0C: from -70 to +1,000

Licenses and certificates:

  • The facility operates under the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system
  • Licenses and permits from Gosgortekhnadzor of Russia, Gosstroy of Russia, and Gosatomnadzor of Russia
  • Certificate of conformity to the ASME Code (Section VIII, subsection 2, certification mark «U»)


The main activities of Glazovsky Zavod Himmash are the development, manufacture, and sale of small-tonnage process equipment weighing under 65 tons used for the chemical, petrochemical, and oil and gas refinement industry: heat-exchange, column, reactor, storage, and other equipment.

The plant has the technical capabilities to manufacture products with the following parameters:

  • External diameter, mm: up to 4,000
  • Length, mm: up to 35,000
  • Wall thickness, mm: 65
  • Weight, tons: up to 65
In 2011, Glazovsky Zavod Himmash commissioned a unique automated gas furnace for bulk thermal treatment of products. The maximum treatment temperature in the furnace is 1,100 0С.

Licenses and certificates:

  • The facility operates under the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system
  • Permits from Rostekhnadzor and certificates of conformity to GOST-R for all types of produced equipment
  • Certificate conferring the right to manufacture pressure vessels in accordance with the technical requirements of the ASME Code (Section VIII, subsection 1, certification marks «U» and «NB»)


The well-developed production facilities of ŠKODA JS for the production of nuclear reactors and its experience manufacturing equipment operating under pressure provide the company with a unique foundation for the production of equipment for the processing industry.

ŠKODA JS possesses the necessary technologies and work experience and has all required certificates to ensure the delivery, installation, repair or upgrade of welded pressure vessels intended for chemical processing facilities of all types. The reactor production shop of ŠKODA JS is equipped to process all types of carbonaceous and stainless steels, aluminum, various alloys, and others.

The most notable work of ŠKODA JS includes an ammonia synthesis reactor upgrade project for Chemopetrol Litvínov, the STYRENЕ III project intended to expand the Kaučuk Kralupy oil refinery and Visbreaker for the company Česká rafinérská.

ŠKODA JS also took part in the upgrade of the Slovnaft Bratislava oil refinery, whose customers are the Dutch companies Raytheon and Fluor Daniel, and the Japanese company Chiyoda. Major projects that involved the supply of pressure equipment include the Midor oil refinery project in Egypt and the gas processing plant project in Sosnogorsk, Russia.

Official website: www.skoda-js.cz