Security Hotline is a tool for implementation of OMZ (Uralmash-Izhora Group) policy for combating theft, fraud at the Company enterprises, as well as for corruption control.

In order to prevent theft and corruption at the Group facilities every OMZ employee and other Russian citizens may anytime provide  information  that caused their concern by telephone or via Internet using the Security Hotline.

Incoming information (by phone, e-mail, post) shall be forwarded on confidential basis to authorized employees of OMZ for further analysis and verification.

Security Hotline contacts:

Phone: 8 (495) 662 10 40 (ext. 16-78)


Postal address: 115035, Moscow, Ovchinnikovskaya Embankment, 20, bld. 1, Security Hotline.

When sending information, please adhere to the following format:

Specify the area of activity in which the infringement occurred.

Characterize the content of the infringement and the facts known to you.

Specify OMZ unit in which the infringement occurred.

Enter your name, contact information (optional).

Please note that the report must clearly state the facts known to you, but not any baseless suspicions.