United Heavy Machinery Plants (Uralmash-Izhora Group) is an integrated and highly diversified engineering and production research holding engaged in the heavy machine-building industry and has strong market positions in strategic sectors of the economy, including nuclear power, the oil and gas industry, cryogenics, mining and metallurgy, and specialized metallurgy.

OMZ Group's strategy implementation is aimed at creating a solid foundation for further innovative development, improved work productivity, and increased competitiveness.

The company is sequentially implementing two stages of its strategy:

  1. Comprehensive modernization and improvement of the efficiency of Group activities:
  • Strengthening of design and engineering competencies, development of new products, and a transition to packaged deliveries
  • Pin-pointed modernization of production (compensation of underinvestment), improvement of production efficiency (Lean production program)
  • Implementation of industrial safety measures
  • Improvement of business management efficiency (development of internal cooperation)
  1. Development of production and sales of OMZ Group
  • Structuring of the Group based on business areas and specialized production
  • Concentration (compaction) of production
  • Mastery of new production and implementation of innovations
  • Allocation and more efficient use of non-core assets

Russia is a net importer of machine-building products, and we are seeing a trend toward an increasing gap between import and export volumes.

Without equipment being produced by its own domestic machine-builders, Russia is losing its economic independence and will not be able to fully utilize its competitive advantage in terms of its wealth of subsurface resources, forests, and agricultural lands.

With the support of its main shareholder Gazprombank, OMZ Group has over the past few years overcome a difficult path from a state of crisis to an effective production research and engineering holding that possesses enormous innovative potential.