Research and production complex

Multiproduct research and production complex at Cryogenmash

To increase production efficiency, in 2013-2014 Open Joint-Stock Company Cryogenmash is implementing a project to create a new state-of-the-art flexible multiproduct production complex. Upon project completion, Cryogenmash capacities will enable an annual commercial product output equaling more than 6 billion rubles, including the capability to increase productivity by 20% as necessary.

This project is responsible for the ongoing construction of a new two-storey production building that has a footprint of 12,720 m2 and a production area of 23,551 m2, and complies with all modern requirements for production organization as well as occupational health and industrial safety conditions. Also underway is modernization of the design and laboratory building, which includes completion of capital repairs on the building with an area of 13,500 m2. Repair work employs modern construction technologies ensuring comfortable work conditions for employees of Cryogenmash.

At least 50% of the new primary process equipment (modern automatic welding systems, CNC processing centers, painting chambers, lifting and transport equipment) is planned for deployment during launch of production in the new building, which will enable launch of operations in the production building in parallel with existing production and will enable preservation of the required process stages when production capacities are transferred.

The following production sections will be organized:

  • Forming, punching and rolling
  • Welding and defect remediation
  • Machining
  • Heat treatment
  • Weld preparation
  • Assembly
  • Shot-blasting chamberа
  • Painting
  • Manufacture of packaged equipment and modular fixtures
  • Pipeline manufacture, vacuum, and special products
  • Manufacture of heat exchangers
  • Assembly of valves and TECU
  • Testbed equipment for the scientific research and design institute for cryogenic machine-building, and others

The current assortment of manufactured products will be preserved and expanded. Production capacities provide for simultaneous manufacture of seven cryogenic air separation units of various productivity (including two with productivity higher than 25,000 m3/hr for oxygen), seven non-cryogenic (membrane) gas separation units, 13 natural gas liquefaction units with low and medium productivity, as well as the entire range of special products required for fulfilling government contracts.

Cryogenmash is Russia's top company in the production of air separation technologies and equipment, supply of industrial gases, and development of integrated solutions for refinement of associated gas, natural gas, and liquefied natural gas. Equipment manufactured by Cryogenmash provides for approximately 80% of the annual volume of industrial gas production in Russia.