OMZ Group welcomes your innovative ideas and is willing to consider investments into the most interesting ones. What kind of projects interest OMZ Group?

The most interesting projects that enable the Group to reach new markets and create new competitive and innovative products.

Interesting projects that substantially improve the characteristics of products already being produced at OMZ Group facilities.

Projects that can compete for investments and projects that improve the efficiency of machine-building facilities that could be scaled at the Group level.

To submit your project, please email a brief description of it to: If your project holds promising potential for OMZ Group, specialists from our innovation department will contact you.



United Heavy Machinery Plants places enormous emphasis on supporting the inventions and innovative ideas of its employees. It is for this reason that the company launched the Innovation Factory, which is a corporate business incubator. Any employee can submit his/her ideas or recommendations, and has the chance to implement them as his/her own project within the company and to have a stake in the achieved economic benefit. The project may even originate beyond the Group's facilities, and the employee has the full capability to be part of the team while performing the role of integrator or coordinating manager.

The company undertakes a number of special measures to engage employees into the corporate entrepreneurial process. They include brainstorming sessions on the future of machine-building, meetings with successful technological entrepreneurs, master classes on analyzing interesting cases of innovative ideas and businesses, seminars on idea-generation techniques, and others.

The key objective of the Innovation Factory is to stimulate entrepreneurial activities and innovations among company employees while offering them a number of tools to assist them. Such assistance includes consultations with corporate incubator experts, help with forming a project team, consultative assistance from expert mentors, regular training on specific topics of innovative project development for active employees, the company knowledge base, and even five-day start-up schools that United Heavy Machinery Plants conducts at facilities jointly with higher educational institutions and government development institutes. At start-up schools, with the help of top-notch teachers and mentors, ideas and technologies are assigned to a team and are transformed into official business projects on a stage-by-stage basis over a week's time.

Once a project is prepared, it undergoes an expert review and is presented to the OMZ investment committee, which decides on its implementation.

External projects may also compete for support from the corporate incubator. If a certain project holds promising potential for the Group, experts from the corporate incubator will join in on its development in order refine it for submittal to the investment committee.



In order to find potential projects outside of its regular participation in innovation events, United Heavy Machinery Plants established its own competition called «Tekhnostart»( link). This is the largest competition for innovative projects and an accelerator for the machine-building industry aimed at building an effective dialog between well-prepared start-ups and strategic investors/corporations. In 2013, the first year of this competition, 71 project proposals for machine-building innovations were received in just a month and a half. Tekhnostart is supported by key government development institutes, the leading university Ural Federal University, investment funds, and major industrial players.



OMZ is also blazing its own trail in the major competition for innovative BIT projects (Generation S).

OMZ also closely collaborates with universities. The company is striving to expand its traditional staff training partnership to include the creation of joint business projects, joint educational programs on innovative topics, engagement of university representatives into internal scientific and practical conferences, and other collaboration.

The innovative development of United Heavy Machinery Plants shows potential not only from start-ups, but also undoubtedly from mature market leaders and players. The company has special partnership agreements for the implementation of joint innovation projects with such corporations as Rosneft, SIBUR, and RITEK (Lukoil). Co-investments into major projects that are attractive to both the manufacturer and the consumer will help reduce the risks from commercialization and provide projects with take-off sales markets.



The availability of the company's own research and development is a critical factor in its development of high-demand, reliable high-tech products in order to improve its competitiveness and financial results.

United Heavy Machinery Plants conducts a unified policy in its technical development and implementation of effective technologies and products based on its own innovative developments.

To achieve its objectives, the company has a large number of research and development centers:

  • Research and Development Center of TK OMZ-Izhora
  • Research and Production Center of VNIIPTMASH (lifting and transport equipment)
  • NIKI (Cryogenmash) (cryogenic equipment)
  • Giprokislorod (design institute of Cryogenmash)
  • Design Bureau of IZ-KARTEX (mining equipment)
  • Design Bureau of Izhorskiye Zavody (nuclear and petrochemical equipment)
  • Design Bureau of ŠKODA JS (nuclear equipment, engineering and servicing)
  • Design Bureau of Uralmashzavod (mining and metallurgical equipment)

The overall goal of the innovation policy of United Heavy Machinery Plants is to improve the production processes for manufacturing products, to ensure competitiveness of the product line, and to ensure legal protection of its scientific and technology developments as its own industrial property (inventions, useful models, industrial prototypes, production secrets, know-how, trademarks, copyrights).

Main directions in scientific and technical development:

  • Creation of new and/or improved products for business lines of company facilities
  • Creation of new and/or improved technologies for the company's production processes
  • Creation of means and methods to improve the health, safety and environment (HSE) system
  • Development of methodological materials to serve as the scientific and technological base for subsequent development of new products, technologies, and equipment;
  • Monitoring the emergence of new technological solutions for key business areas for the purpose of utilizing such solutions.

United Heavy Machinery Plants' targeted innovation policy enabled it tob relatively quickly create a number of new competitive products and master modern technologies, including petrochemical reactors for TANEKO and a group of Rosneft refineries, powerful mining excavators with 18 – 35 m3 buckets, units for producing cube-shaped master technologies for welding and thermal treatment of welded parts made from 2.25Cr-1MoV steel for petrochemical vessels, as well as for other operations.

The joint work of experts from Izhorskiye Zavody, OMZ-Special Steels, and the R&D Center of TK OMZ-Izhora resulted in the successful mastery and implementation of an end-to-end technology for manufacturing large-sized petrochemical vessels made from chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel grades.

The company is pursuing significant R&D objectives for both the near-term and the long-term, including powerful mining excavators with 50-60 m3 buckets, next-generation reactors for NPP and the petrochemical industry, new high-output cryogenic units and pipeline fittings, improved processes in metallurgy, welding, thermal conversion processes, and other objectives.