United Heavy Machinery Plants is one of the largest employers in the regions in which it operates: the average number of company personnel in 2013 was approximately 24 thousand people, including 1 thousand employees of foreign facilities.

The staffing policy of United Heavy Machinery Plants is based on the fact that, in the modern global economy, highly professional personnel is one of the key competitive advantages ensuring high performance and stable growth for the company.

The company has developed and employs effective systems for employee hiring, work compensation, social security, and personnel training and development.

United Heavy Machinery Plants recruits talented professionals and provides them opportunities for career growth. The company places enormous emphasis on recruiting employees and specialists from among graduates of professional, vocational and higher educational institutions. Mentoring programs have been implemented so that newly hired young employees can quickly adapt to their jobs and acquire all necessary professional skills.

The corporate wage policy is aimed at providing employees with dignified living conditions and developing their professional and creative potential. United Heavy Machinery Plants constantly monitors the wage levels at leading machine-building facilities and labor markets in regions in which it operates. While fully adhering to all of its obligations concerning wages and additional bonuses and payments, the company simultaneously aims to support a balance between employee incomes and the company's financial and production objectives.

One of the company's priorities is to employ the latest social partnership practices in order to improve the social security of employees of United Heavy Machinery Plants. Facilities of United Heavy Machinery Plants have implemented a number of social development programs that were made possible with the financial support of the company's main shareholder, Gazprombank.

The training systems employed at United Heavy Machinery Plants are intended to keep HR quality at a high level to ensure competitiveness and future growth of the company. The main tools of the company's personnel development policy include thorough selection and professional training of employees, development of target personnel groups, and preparation of management reserves. Personnel are professionally trained in strict accordance with the specific plans developed for training employees of specific departments of United Heavy Machinery Plants. The main component of professional employee training consists of specific programs to train, re-train, and advance the qualifications of employees, as well as education related to professional certification and accreditation of employees and the need to obtain permits in accordance with the requirements of oversight agencies. In order to ensure high-quality professional training of employees, the company is systematically developing professional training and advancement centers and educational complexes equipped with the most state-of-the-art equipment.


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